Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky Windows 29

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Bitdefender vs Kaspersky Windows 29

When it concerns malware detection, it’s difficult to determine which is superior. Both programs scored well in our tests. However we give the edge to Kaspersky for its outstanding false-positive rates as well as a more precise sense of whether something is malware or not. In the most recent AV-Comparatives’ testing, for instance, it spotted 99.6% of the malware that was tested and produced only four false positives. Bitdefender was able to catch 99.2 percent and raised 12 false positives in the September/October and November/December 2021 tests.

Kaspersky also has more customizable settings than Bitdefender particularly in the firewall area where you can alter network profiles and personalize connection rules. You can also set exceptions for specific programs, block ports and more. In comparison, Bitdefender only has a few customization sliders and doesn’t offer anything as advanced as Kaspersky’s.

Both suites are simple to install, and both come with simple interfaces. Both suites provide a variety of ways to examine your PC. You can perform a simple scan of the most common areas where malware can be found or a complete system scan that will look for threats in all files and programs running on your computer.

Both suites offer decent customer service and respond quickly to problems. The only real difference is that Kaspersky features a forum for users to share their experiences and can assist each other with issues, whereas Bitdefender’s support team is available via email and phone. This little detail demonstrates how Bitdefender cares for their customers.

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