How to Monitor Key Business Transactions in New Relic

Key business transactions are any event that involves third parties that is measurable in terms of value and has a financial effect on the business. These transactions are crucial to the company’s operation and any issues could cost a lot. This test allows you to spot issues quickly and precisely, and to pinpoint the reason much earlier, so that it can be rectified before users are impacted by any problems.

There are a myriad of business transactions, however some of the most common include buying from vendors or utilities, paying for utility bills, and transferring funds from a bank to the company’s account. The company must also record sales of products and services to customers as and receive payments from them. The company also has to be involved in crucial activities such as acquiring new technologies and products, obtaining funds and settling taxes.

Based on the type of business you are in, there are a variety of methods to track performance at the transaction level. New Relic has a feature called “Flow Maps” that allows you to track the performance of business-critical transactions patterns. For instance, suppose you have a client that has a slow response time when they attempt to log in or access their checking account. In this scenario, Flow Maps could be utilized to pinpoint the issue and identify it as caused by your microservice, PlanService, that loads the Plans page.

To keep track of your most important business transactions, just select the “Business Transactions” report option from the navigation panel. The metrics settings will shift to only show metrics relevant to the selected Business Transactions. You can also set the thresholds for these metrics.

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